Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the SoftTouchcomfort/protection device washable?
Answer: This device is very durable if taken care of properly; however, it is not intended for the washing machine. To clean, simply use your favorite disinfectant with a wash cloth and wipe clean.

Question: How soon after my rhythm device is implanted can I wear the SoftTouch device on my seat belt?
Answer: Since the incision that the doctor makes is actually a few inches above where the rhythm device is located, the SoftTouch device does not come in direct contact with the incision. Therefore, you can wear the SoftTouch device as soon as your physician permits you to resume driving and you can do it comfortably!

Question: I am currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments and this seems like a product that might help. Is the SoftTouch device only for heart patients or can cancer patients who have chemotherapy ports in their chest benefit from this product as well?
Answer: The SoftTouch device also provides relief from the seat belt discomfort of access ports experienced by Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy through the port located in the chest. Although chemotherapy is a noncontinuous treatment, the amount of discomfort is significant during this time period. SoftTouch CAN provide seat belt comfort for those patients as well.

Question: What is the warranty for the SoftTouch device?
Answer: The SoftTouch device has a five (5) year warranty, however with proper care, will last longer than five (5) years. If at any time you should need to replace a device based on a problem that is not manufacturer related as determined by SoftTouch International, you can send the device back to us and we will accommodate you with the purchase of another device.

Question: If I am a passenger in a car, and not the driver, will this seat belt device work for me?
Answer: It is quite simple to make the device work for you as the passenger. You will need to turn the device in order for the open side to face the passenger door. Simply run the seat belt through the allocated portion of the device, and you too will have the comfort of the SoftTouch device take away the irritation of the seat belt for good!

Question: How can you guarantee that the device will not move while I am wearing my seat belt?
Answer: Nothing in life is 100% guaranteed, but the SoftTouch device is the closest thing out there. We package each device with an extra piece of Velcro that you can adhere to the seat belt to help prevent any slipping. Also, the seat belt of each car is designed to lay in a very specific way over the shoulder and chest. Since the seat belt barely moves, the SoftTouch device should not move.

Question: Can I be a distributor for SoftTouch International?
Answer: Yes! We are looking for hard working people who care about helping patients deal with this incredibly common problem. As this product is new to the market, it can also be a great business opportunity. If you want to get involved, please contact us!


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